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Founder/President Kiril Stojanov

Kiril’s love for woodwork and building dates back to his teenage days in his home country of Macedonia, where he would spend hours working on his wood carving projects and building model houses. Upon moving to the United States in 2012, Kiril turned this hobby into work. Starting as a carpenter apprentice, he, over the years, worked his way up to the position of general contractor.

As president and founder of Stojanov Inc, he has worked side by side with many experienced local subcontractors in Nantucket, MA. His favorite project to date is the family home on Nantucket that he and the team built for his wife, Ivana and their two-year-old son, Mateo.

Decade-Long Experience With

  • Renovations
  • Modular homes
  • Custom carpentry

More About Us

Kiril is able to convey his passion to his team, as they approach every new project with the same excitement he had when he first discovered his love for building. The team at Stojanov Inc looks forward to connecting with you and to helping you build your Nantucket home, the place where you will build great island memories.


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Nantucket Custom Carpentry

Distinctive interiors and complete home builds are not only our specialty, but our passion.

What We Do

Stojanov Inc brings over a decade of experience in building and remodeling homes in Nantucket, MA. With our general contracting services you can count on us to handle your needs for custom carpentry, renovations as well as modular home construction.

Custom Carpentry

Custom Finish Carpentry Services on Nantucket, MA by the passionate and expert team of carpenters at Stojanov Inc, Led by Kiril Stojanov. Portfolio Items shown include but are not limited to:

  • Stairwells
  • Bunkbeds
  • Fine Cabinetry

Stojanov inc offers year-round property management services to all of our finished projects and any other Nantucket Home. Rest assured that your Nantucket residence, wether Seasonal or year-around, is under the proper care and monitoring all year with Stojanov inc.

Modular home construction services that bring a range of options to the building of your Nantucket home. Contact us for more information.

Transform your longtime dwelling or newly acquired Nantucket home and preserve existing structures with our Home Renovation Services.


Stojanov inc is a proud member of:

We are proudly associated with Nantucket’s finest trade and commerce organizations including the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and the Nantucket Builder’s Association.


Where to Find us

Stojanov Inc is a Nantucket, MA based Company focusing on a variety of Nantucket building and general contracting services. Kiril, Our President, has been building Island homes for over a decade. His passion is conveyed to his team, as they approach every new project with the same excitement he had when he first discovered his love for building.

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